Hello and welcome to DREAMS GO LIVE! This is a place where we take a deep dive into the stories of remarkable individuals who have inspired us and encouraged us to dream. Founded on the idea that behind every dream, creative venture, or piece of art is the beginning – the heartbeat – Dreams Go Live tells the stories of the spark. With this in mind, we share narratives of how dreams first drew breath, how hopes became realities, and how others' stories got started so that you—reader, viewer, fan—may be inspired to see your story in a new light. Explore the profiles on our blog

Our mission

Dreams Go Live seeks to inspire creatives and makers by celebrating the stories of established artists and their journey.

About the founder

Grace Leuenberger, Dreams Go Live

Grace Leuenberger is a Pittsburgh native currently living amongst the musicians and Waffle Houses of Nashville. She created Dreams Go Live because of her love of creativity, people, stories, and the celebration that occurs when they all collide. You can read more about the story behind Dreams Go Live in her introductory post. She loves being with her family, spending time with her dog, running, cooking and eating delicious foods, and creating meaningful stuff that inspires people. "I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." -Saul Bass

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