The Spark & The Story: Dreams Go Live

The Spark

Every dream starts with a spark

I was standing in a field when the inspiration struck.

I wasn’t alone—I was with over a thousand other people. Surveying the crowd, I saw hundreds of faces looking up, some at the sky, some at the stage, some at the person next to them, but all of them seemed to be saying to one another, "This is one of those moments." And it was—it was one of those moments—the kind when you realize that your life has changed forever. 

As I stood in a field with all those people on that muggy July night—clothing damp, Keds caked with mud—I realized that I hadn’t just experienced a concert; I had experienced the beginning of a dream. The spark. That night, the feelings of unity and inspiration were stronger than I’d ever experienced before; that concert went beyond entertainment and transformed into a poignant, inspiring, life-changing experience radiating meaning. I felt so inspired by my experience and the feelings of camaderie it created that I had to do something about it. So I did.

If you come to this website, follow this blog, or visit our social media accounts, this is what you’ll find: stories of how dreams drew breath and how hopes became realities for real people doing real work. Stories of the spark.

Dreams Go Live began as an initiative launched on the campus of my alma mater, a tiny college in rural Pennsylvania. In its first form, the Dreams Go Live platform allowed me to plan and host a 700+ person concert during my senior year of college. The purpose behind the initiative was to show people that creativity is alive and worth celebrating. In the midst of all of this, there was resistance. Some felt it was just a bunch of noise. Others wondered what the point was. Instead of these criticisms being the death blow to the idea behind Dreams Go Live, they ended up an electric shock of inspiration. The spark.

That spark ignited something bigger than I first dreamed of at that concert I went to on a muggy summer night a few years ago. That’s why Dreams Go Live exists today. This dream couldn't die. There was more to say, more to offer, more to learn. I couldn't be done exploring the idea that creativity matters. I couldn't be done telling people that creativity and art and our participation with it is so important, even life-changing. I couldn't be done celebrating the creators, the artists, the dreamers who inspire me and make my life more vibrant, more meaningful, more exciting. I couldn't be done exploring this dream.

So what is this whole thing all about? If you come to this website, follow this blog, or find our profiles on social media, this is what you’ll find: stories of how dreams drew breath and how hopes became realities for real people doing real work. Stories of the spark. Musicians, painters, designers, photographers, entrepreneurs, authors—everyone, really—have dreams. Stories. Complexities. Quirks. Hardships. Hopes. Dreams Go Live exists to tell these stories: narratives that go beyond and dare to dive deep. Let's go beyond the lens, off the stage, away from Instagram. 

Every month, I want to introduce you to a different creative figure—musicians, painters, designers, photographers, entrepreneurs, authors, dreamers. Together, we will explore their narratives and find out what stories are written on their hearts and souls, what hopes and dreams are swirling around in their minds and bursting onto the scene. I hope that when you read the profiles of these dreamers, you will be challenged to consider the ways we interact with creativity, and more importantly, interact with each other. How can we give back in an age where we love to just sit back and be entertained? How can we encourage and build community with the art and artists we encounter rather than deepen the divide? How can we be inspired by another person's story to see that our dreams and the sparks in our hearts are worth exploring? 

As the months unfold and this project picks up speed, I am excited to share the deeper stories with you from people who have inspired me. Our first profile will go live in June. It's an amazing start to a platform I am so excited about. I hope the profiles I write and the folks I will feature will inspire you to create, dream big, and pursue a more vibrant life, just as they have inspired me, too. I invite you to become part of the Dreams Go Live story: a story that believes that a small spark is all it takes to ignite a fire of passion, creativity, and inspiration. 

Here’s to dreams. 

- Grace Leuenberger, Founder of Dreams Go Live